All Hands on Deck: The Lean Assessment

All Hands on Deck The Lean Assessment
Collaboration and Communication

Leaner processes create more value for the customer while generating higher job satisfaction for your team. During a Lean Assessment, we work with your team to create a roadmap that promotes continuous improvement in all departments. The goal is to eliminate waste without adding cost. Lean will increase throughput and bring value to the customer beyond their expectation.

Common Wastes Eliminated in a Healthy Lean Environments
  • Management is not promoting an ongoing Lean initiative
  • Time-consuming and wasteful meetings
  • Employees and Customers poorly represented in decision making – Voice of Employee (VoE) and Voice of Customer (VoC)
  • Low team engagement
  • Insufficient tracking of daily continuous improvement metrics and promoting solutions
  • Hidden waste
  • A sustaining Lean culture will free up operations management to work at a strategic level